Markets Are Moving, See What Bill’s Doing

Fed Chair Powell lifted sentiment on Wednesday, but Apple earnings and jobs data are still to come. See how Bill is navigating this environment.

Bill Baruch on CNBC’s Halftime Report


Bill Baruch joins us now. He’s making some portfolio moves we wanted you to know about. Good to see you. Okay.

So you bought more Microsoft in Oracle. Talk to us.

Yeah. Microsoft is, you know, one of the big names I haven’t added to since raising cash in July. Obviously, a great earnings report. It’s it’s a I hear it’s software is being adopted 1 million users right now growing 40% quarterly. So I think that’s really the adoption and implementing the AI across the software base is important. But it’s also yesterday’s move got out above the the earnings high and I think there could be a tailwind there.

So I want to ramp up the exposure. And then with Oracle, I mean, they’re the primary play and database right now and their adoption with Microsoft Azure as well is already there. I think we continue to be compatible with other software as well. And the thing about Oracle, after that September fallout after their earnings report, it never underperformed the big news.

So I think right here it tells you that it’s built a pretty good base and I want to be there for this thing to rally. Yeah, how.

So I think right here it tells you that it’s built a pretty good base and I want to be there for this thing to rally. Yeah, how.

About AMD you’re looking at it. We you know, Josh made some news the other day when he bought it ahead of the number and what a reversal that it had after the number. You’re looking to add to it at this point.

Yeah. And Josh kudos. That’s a great buy there. You know I’m waiting to see how this how this settled out after yesterday’s move after the earnings didn’t want to chase it. I’m looking at non-farm payroll tomorrow and if we kind of hold steady, I see myself putting so my last bit of cash to work with AMD. I mean, right now the NVIDIA software has eroded and really I think this adoption with my 304 AMD is going to continue and it’s going to pick up and I think that’s going to be priced into the earnings and I expect it to continue to build as a stock that can really take off year end of the quarter.

One, you want to comment here, Josh.

Important to note the NVIDIA software advantage is very much alive and well. That’s the CUDA platform we’ve been talking about on this show for like, I don’t know, nine years. But AMD, to Bill’s point, has its own software platform. It’s called Rock M Rose. CM And if—-



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