How we work

Meet your financial goals with the best possible risk-adjusted return in the context of tailored portfolio models.

Portfolio Offerings

Our main portfolios range from ultra-conservative to aggressive and concentrated. Ask about customized strategies to fit your needs.


Capital Preservation

Our most conservative offering. The Capital Preservation model seeks to capture yield for someone on a fixed budget or holding short-duration assets.



Our Conservative model leans into our all-weather institutional portfolio build.



Our Moderate model is much more than a vanilla 60/40 build, exemplifying our active and thematic approach to stock picking while layering downside protection.



The Aggressive portfolio model leans heavily into our active stock picking while navigating the market environment and implementing downside protection.


Concentrated Alpha

Seeks to outperform at the highest level, using no more than 10 names & having the ability to raise as much as 50% cash. A perfect complement to a well-diversified portfolio.

Grow and Preserve Capital Via Actively Managed Portfolios

Meet your financial goals with active management, and a well-balanced institutional-style portfolio. We combine thematic stock picking with high-quality investment funds in an attempt to outperform our benchmarks.



Pick The Best Instruments

We believe the ultimate hedge against long-term capital impairment is picking the best businesses, bonds, and funds. Sometimes, it is sectors/ companies with top-tier management. At others, we turn to activist involvement, overly negative and out of equilibrium sentiment, or forecasting future innovations. We have no constraints in our investment approach and choose opportunities as they arise across the investment landscape.


Passive Flows Passive

ETFs account for ~50% of capital flows. Therefore, we use active management to take advantage of the names receiving the most attraction by those passive vehicles.


Proactive Capital Protection

Ever-evolving macro shifts are sometimes too powerful to be offset by the quality of an investment, whether the phenomenon is temporary or longer-lasting. Thus, our goal is to generate alpha over our benchmark by utilizing active risk management and option structures to hedge downside risks



Rotations | Macro and Micro

We cannot eliminate risks, only manage them. We believe in diversification among companies, asset classes, sectors, factors, and funds. According to macro and micro level themes, we capture returns where we can find asymmetric payoffs. Rotations are not always perfect, but they remove what we view as an unnecessary risk to client capital.


Global Opportunities

Our Global Opportunities model aims to optimize tax-and risk-adjusted, netof-fee total returns for an investment portfolio over a full market cycle. The basket is globally diversified in active and passive instruments.


Real Asset Bucket

A real asset bucket within portfolios aims to preserve capital and hedge inflation via hard assets including real estate, midstream energy, precious and industrial metals. We also invest in rare earths while tracking future innovations across sectors.



Monetary Dominance

The Federal Reserve’s balance sheet has doubled since the start of 2020 and markets are addicted to liquidity from central banks globally. A significant part of valuations hinges on the policy set by monetary decision-makers.


Fiscal Policy

The pandemic created a global echo chamber, both demanding more fiscal presence and highlighting the burden of such. Increased fiscal dominance makes geopolitical alpha more relevant. We closely monitor moves in sovereign debt (rates), and their impact on markets.


Rates Sensitivity

In a world where corporate balance sheets carry high loads of debt, stocks and bonds are increasingly sensitive to the way rates move. In the case of a high-velocity move in rates, markets can deleverage and this creates pockets of illiquidity that only active management can navigate.



Long Term

Relationships get built on personal trust and financial performance over the long term. Markets move in cycles and we try to capture alpha with the clients’ goals top-of-mind.



There’s no one-size-fits-all. We build tailored portfolios, ranging from conservative to aggressive and from growth to yield-seeking, in order to maximize returns based on individual needs.



We are fully transparent from the onset. We use a question-based approach to better understand our clients, their goals, timelines, and risk tolerance in order to build an Investment Policy Statement that holds us accountable. We report performance quarterly. As markets and our clients change, we adapt.

Our Services

We currently offer five portfolio models

Tailor Made

We tailor our portfolios to the needs and financial goals of each client.


Alpha sought strategically through portfolio concentration, long/short equities, options, commodities, fixed-income and alternative investments


Active management layering downside protection + well-balanced institutional style portfolio

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