Bill Phones in a Trade Alert


You just see where green across the board have a trade alert for you to bill Baruch. He just added to some position. So we wanted him to call in and tell us about it. So you said you were going or you thought you were going to add to AMD what you did and you add it to in video as well.

Talk to us.

I did it. I’m sticking with the game plan again. This has been in motion since July, looking for the seasonality of the sell off to take through, looking for these earnings to come out to get some confirmation. Obviously in videos, earnings know still to come. But Andy, I think that was a great report as we discussed yesterday and something Josh really spoke up to.

You know, sometimes I find myself trying to fit the bill to a narrative that I’m looking for is the next in video when really in video staring me right down the line here. And I increased A&E after this urgent report, let it settle in, bringing up our number seven position. But I didn’t want to leave Nvidia behind, so I increase the stock there and bring that.

So they’re like it like as their number seven position, the air space. I think we’ve seen a lot of a lot of gas come out of the balloon a bit and I think from here we’re seeing it really settle in very nicely and video holding great technical support. And then look at what we’re seeing in yields today. I mean, what the two year yield has done in coming down and breaking a multi-month low, I think it could be a tailwind attack.

And we’re right back on track for this Christmas rally. And I want to own the best stocks out there.

Yeah, I appreciate you calling in and giving us an update there. AMD one week up 15 and a half percent. Joe, I’ll just go to you before we—



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