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What Are High Cash-Flow Stocks In The Healthcare Sector

Bill Baruch joined CNBC’s Halftime Report to discuss the latest ratings upgrades in biotech and how to position within the healthcare sector heading into the turn of the calendar. **** AUTO-TRANSCRIBED **** Bill, you got to have the also MJ and UAH. They remain most confident, they being BMO in Vertex and Regeneron. Well, I […]

Obesity Drug Headwinds For McDonald’s. How To Position For The Next Move

**** AUTO-TRANSCRIBED **** A comment from Wal-Mart say was the deciding factor that I like talked about deflation. They’re going to be restocking inventory. That’s actually going to be a tailwind to profit margins in the coming quarters. That’s what Stephanie Linke was thinking, too, who who took away from the report cost cutting, margins […]

Is Microsoft The Highest Quality Tech Stock?

**** AUTO-TRANSCRIBED **** you’re six the largest position. You’ve looked elsewhere for heft, if you will. What about here? I mean, I love the name. It’s been it’s tough because it’s a finite amount of capital to allocate. And I really love Adobe and synopsis. I think they have a little more oomph. Microsoft has […]

How Profitable Can Uber Become?

**** AUTO-TRANSCRIBED **** Bill Baruch thinks that Uber obviously is going to keep rallying, which it is again today. Because you bought more. Yeah. Tell us why. Yeah, I mean, last week we bought more. I like I like the name and I think thinking outside the box, what else are they going to bring […]

Why Bears Might Have To Capitulate As Stocks Rally

***Transcript*** Back to the top question that we asked today. Are we all clear? I think we’re close enough to what Josh said. And I think what you said, too, was we turned a corner here. And the way I like to look at it is as I was referencing the money in the money […]