What To Expect From Nvidia’s Earnings Report

Ahead of Nvidia’s earnings report after the closing bell on Tuesday, Bill Baruch shares his preview and what to look out for when the company reports.

    Bill Baruch, President & Founder, Blue Line Futures


So what is riding on this next week? So I think really for the rally, I mean, it’s been a big momentum. It’s held a level at 400 that that really is looking and I think that’s built a terrific technical base. There’s definitely momentum. But I think the risks and be really to the upside, they are the leader in AI and GPUs.

They are still the the heavyweight champion right now, but are they going to unveil a second generation GPU or are they going to are they going to have a timeline to that? And then not only that, I mean, we’ve seen this last two quarters, even that August quarter, it didn’t have the aftermath of a trade that people liked, but it was just a lot of build up.

But if they even topped those expectations, I think after this consolidation, between 400, 500 risk is to the upside. Let’s see. I just wonder, you know, does a 237 and a half percent gain this year, Joe, Matter I.—-


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