Which Industrial Stocks Can Outperform From Here?

Bill Baruch joined CNBC’s Halftime Report to talk about the latest trends in the industrials space and which stocks may outperform from here.

    Bill Baruch, President & Founder, Blue Line Futures


So you own Caterpillar instead of Deere? Yes. Now you please proceed. He did a good point about about Deere right now. If you look back to last year, agriculture prices are significantly lower than they were in 2022 coming out of the Ukraine invasion. So you had a lot of small and medium sized farmers spending a lot of money.

And I run a commodities brokerage and 62/3 are business comes from small to medium sized. Farmers are hedging and a lot of people spent CapEx and they’re not spending it this year is or Deere. I think it could be a little bit of a drag. But Deere’s also involved in construction, which Caterpillar is really the big beneficiary of.

But you talk about the Inflationary Inflation Reduction Act. A lot of companies noted in earnings reports that there’s delays in this money coming out. I think Caterpillar should be a bigger beneficiary. They’re both around the same multiple run around a 12. But I like Caterpillar much more for couple of those companies. Now, the one that we have time.

The one that you didn’t mention the best–


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