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Will this Unloved Stock Outperform?

Bill Baruch joined the CNBC Halftime Report with his latest portfolio move, this time it’s an option trade on Intel. Transcript: Welcome back Intel shares rallying again today the stocks been on a tear over the past month up nearly 12% below group thinks the recent breakout could be gaining some steam, he’s going to […]

Mega Concern in Big Tech?

The largest stocks in the S&P, the mega caps, Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, Nvidia, and more are all getting hit. Is this a pull back or something more concerning? Bill Baruch on the CNBC Halftime Report.

Has Tesla Run Too Far, Too Fast?

Tesla just delayed its robotaxi unveiling and shares are getting slammed. How is Bill Baruch managing the name in Blue Line Capital portfolios on the CNBC Halftime Report. 

Is This The Rotation?

With disinflation within CPI powering small caps and unwinding some momentum in Tech, is this the rotation? Bill Baruch discusses the reaction on the CNBC Halftime Report.

Managing Tesla, Executing the Plan

With a tailwind of good news, Tesla is up 30% in the last week. Bill Baruch breaks down the drivers and how he is managing the position.

Some Caution Ahead?

After a record run in the first half of the year, is the S&P and market due to cool off? This is how Bill Baruch and Blue Line Capital are managing it.

Bill Moves on NVDA

NVDA is certainly the hottest topic in markets. Bill Baruch gives his take and the latest moves on the name.