Adobe’s AI Vision And What It Means For The Stock Price. Bill Baruch On CNBC

Bill Baruch shares his outlook for Adobe after the company introduced a slew of new artificial intelligence tools creators can utilize.


This is the actual implementation of A.I.. I mean, they’re Firefly image generation tool that really starts to start when they get that fully launched. That’s going to be a great tale when you think about it. They got 20 million subscribers and a lot of data is going to be pulled from there between 2020 and 2022. 165 million creators hit the creator economy.

There’s a lot there’s a big market for Adobe to address within that. And Morgan Stanley Keith Weiss noted there is there a light on the numbers? But the vision is big and I think that’s what you got to take away here. The big, big, big vision. It last year it broke below $600. It’s badly at 600 bucks right now.

The longer stays there, I think technical support kicks into comfortable with the $0.35 listed. I mean, a software company, it’s going to be technically a big hire of a of a piece, but you’re paying for you know, you’re really paying for the vision, if you will. But we’ll see if the vision comes to fruition. All right. Mike Santoli, he’s next.


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