Alphabet’s Stock Price Is Reacting To Google’s Gemini. Can The ChatGPT Competitor Benefit Investors?

After Alphabet launched its direct competitor to OpenAI’s ChatGPT, Gemini, investors have gotten enthusiastic about the company’s ability to compete in AI. Bill Baruch shares his thoughts on the stock and what it means for investors.


Yeah. You know, I think the really interesting thing here is a 20 multiple for this name because of concern about search and I think this could really reaffirm search is search is going to be driven. I’ve seen some of this Gemini stuff in work. I mean it’s it’s phenomenal and and for us we wait alphabet more than Microsoft in our portfolio ultimately because we thought that the AI that alphabet could provide or could hit on here was underappreciated and now we’re seeing it.

Yeah. When you don’t own. I don’t.


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