Broadcom Ahead Of Earnings. Marvell Technology’s Datacenter Trends & China Dependence

Bill Baruch shared his outlook on Broadcom ahead of earnings and how Marvell Technology might not benefit from AI to the same degree that other chip companies might.


Broadcom included, by the way, which reports its own earnings in overtime tonight. Bill, you used to own it. You sold it. It’s had a remarkable run in its own rights, up 77% over 12 months. Yeah, we owned it. Now, the way of piecing this portfolio together, we had two very tactical plays on during that time that run in June through July, owning Broadcom and Tesla.

Those are the first two I cut. I mean, it was really we were so bullish at the time. So again, very tactical. I’m not I don’t dislike the company. I just can’t fit into the portfolio right now. What I do like from a price perspective is it broke out of that that 900 mark and now it’s retesting support going into earnings.

Their operating margins are there one of the most efficiently run semiconductor companies and I think that if we look at that, if they continue to confirm that, I mean, this the stock is going be on my radar to be buying again, it’s got to find a way to fit into the portfolio. It did sell Marvell. Yes. So maybe you have some space.


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