Delivering a Domino’s Trade 📈 on ‘Investor Day’ (DPZ)

After Domino’s Pizza announced a set of new initiatives at the company’s investor day, investors are eyeing a rise in revenue growth, spurred by a new loyalty program and partnership with Uber Eats.


Investor Day yesterday. You just bought it last week. Yeah. I mean, it’s performed. The timing was really well with that. It performed really well. One of the things that stood out to me most is, is the search analytics. In middle of September, they launched a new loyalty play, a new loyalty program. And ever since then, Domino’s has been searched.

Results have been increasing. On top of that, they’re going to be on every single store on the Ubereats platform, I think, in the turn of the year. So that’s going to be another tailwind to develop that chart. Real quick, I was gonna say you don’t the weakness doesn’t extend to the thing like give me like a three or a one like pull it back.

Not. I don’t do it for that. All right. Whatever.


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