Small Caps Have Underperformed For Too Long To Ignore. Bill Baruch on CNBC

As small caps have underperformed for the better part of a decade, Bill Baruch shares his thoughts on the asset class and whether smaller firms might start catching up to megacap tech.


The method to the number, is that right? Small caps are going to lead the way next year? Yeah, I like to under-promise, maybe over-deliver. 5,100, we could exceed that. I think small caps can lead. I like that quite a bit. IJR, that S&P 600, I mean, that could go to 130. I mean, I think that’s 25% gain or so. That really leads. The pace in which interest rates come down could be a tailwind. But if interest rates aren’t coming down as much as expected, the tailwind will be actually steady growth. And I think inflation, the trajectory of inflation stays down. So I think we’re in a sort of Goldilocks environment next year, and in an election year as well. So Josh Brown, as I said…


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