Will Caterpillar Benefit From A Fiscal Spending Impulse In An Election Year? Bill Baruch on CNBC

Bill Baruch shares his view on the current state of infrastructure spending and how Caterpillar is positioned within the space. Bill also shares his outlook on John Deere and whether there’s light at the end of the tunnel after a weak earnings report.


…I mean we touched the record high we’re trying to get out above there I I they raised or they they raised the price Target and they they they downgraded the stock I’m not sure about their angle there but way I’m looking at this is that inflation reduction act I mean it’s been very slow to to get out that that money has not hit it I follow some of these infrastructure companies like a mastac and a Quant services and they’re really highlighting that in their earnings reports I think caterpillar is very well positioned to uh to profit off of that onethird of the revenue comes from sort of infrastructure was a drag this year too so I think China turns a corner and caterpillar weathered China very very well uh I mean if we’re talking about deer as well well deer’s been a dud right I mean it it’s been left behind caterpillar’s up 15.5% in a month deer’s up 2 and A2 um year-to date it’s down eight and a half versus a cat up 20 yeah I I will say I’ve never timed deer very well it’s one of the stocks I can never time might be because I’m so close to the agriculture industry maybe Illinois he hasn’t had good luck at it either and from the Futures broker side I deal with a lot of of small and mediumsized U farmers and and look at look where a prices were last year they’ve been down drastically they’re not getting that inflow of of new equipment new demand new spending from those from that demographic we gave you a lot of love at the top of the show I got to get a little Zinger in there yeah what about deer though um they ripped the Band-Aid off at the last earnings call I mean that’s what they did they really reset expectations low I mean the size of the guidance guy down is such that they…


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