Bullish on Tesla?

Is Now the Right Time to Invest in Tesla Amid Market Pessimism?


“and then Bill Baruch I’m coming to you first because you bought Tesla. I did, you know, it is a starter position. It’s not like I threw a slug in there, 5% for the position. I don’t care, but it is, need a disclaimer, I’m happy with it. And but what I’m saying for the viewers is, I’m not saying go here right now and YOLO Tesla. What I’m saying is, one of my strengths is position sizing, risk management, and that’s what you want to do here. We started a starter position. I would like to build further into this. It first, when the stock is falling out, you want to see it hit technical support and respond. It did that. Big Technical supports down there now. Yes, they’ve slashed adjustment, adjusted EPS, they’ve slashed Revenue guidance, they’ve cut things down, but that’s also brought the pessimism here. I think the pessimism is already taken hold of this stock. What I’m looking at is the 2026 like I talked about the last segment, they’re slashing, they’re, it’s the, the multiple of it is going, 2026 is trading at 26 multiple. The Optimist potential here as AI continues to develop, I don’t, I want to own this name when I wake up one day and Elon Musk is throwing a slug at it himself and bought more stock, and you think that will happen? I think it’s around the corner. I think it’s very soon around the corner that Elon would do that. I have no Insight information on that. I’m just assuming that he, you know, he delivered a great earnings call in the sense of delivering the notes, but he didn’t have a ton of enthusiasm out of it. What is, you know, what we may be looking to see this stock come down. I’m just going to come back to you, you say he delivered a great earnings call, that was where your D, sorry, not great, but he delivered. I’m just saying cuz that, that’s your direct quote, but Dan IES who covers the company and has been as bullish anybody else said it was exactly the opposite of what you’re suggesting it was, and I agree with the an I agree with. I, great was the wrong, wrong name. I would say from a fiduciary standpoint, he delivered the earnings call, that’s what I’m highlighting, but he, what do you mean he was on the call, he was on the call, yes, and it wasn’t the bar is low, but the bar is low. He did not go out of his way to be enthusiastic about it, maybe he wants to see the stock lower, and I would imagine that, uh, that he want, he’s been talking about owning a more voting share in there. I think he wants them to give it to him, yeah, he, he’s not talking about buying more stock, he’s talking about give me more votes so I can control this and give me my $55 billion payout, why are we in court in Delaware, that’s, that’s what on his agenda right now, that is disappointment, and that lines with the pessimism that’s building here. So I think overall, though, I do think at one point we’ll wake up one morning and he’s been buying stock, but as the pessimism takes hold, doesn’t change the overall story, it changes if you look out the multiple down the road in the next years is going to be significantly lower, the market share and price Cuts have changed the overall story for some, right, the loss of market share particularly in China, they continued price cuts to, um, you know, continue to, to build revenues, and there’s a lot of Doubt around EVS right now, a lot of Doubt, but a lot of that’s getting priced in. I mean, just from the numbers that being brought down, but also from the stock where the price is now. Let’s go to this stock that Josh sold, uh, Empire State realy trust, you alluded to it.”


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