Managing Big Tech, Long-Term

Balancing tech investments amid NVIDIA’s rise and AI’s expansion.


— you own Micron who just gets passed uh as as we said by arm Nvidia we we suggested AMD synopsis yes how do you view these synopsis is uh is our number four holding um it’s I mean they design electronic design automation for every relationship with every uh name here Nvidia down the line uh Intel um I mean really just wor about stock prudent stock management prudent portfolio management you know two weeks ago trimming AMD in Nvidia by 1/3 um dropping them to about 9 and 10 in the portfolio raised bit of cash has been able to invest other places or keep on the sidelines but nvidia’s marched back up to number four just in the last two weeks so it’s just continue to do that and I’ve been doing that for over a year now just just continue to manage these names but I I think when everybody focuses on the multiples that are just exploding higher really it’s Tech isn’t about what are you doing for me today it’s about what are you doing for me 3 to 5 years down the road and mean in just 2026 multiples are are more than are half of what these are trading at now maybe a third of what they’re trading at right now so I that gets me excited but the revenue that being generated the hyperscalers are monetizing Ai and and the pcks and shovels are are seeing that and they’re going to continue to grow speaking of another stock that’s marching today um higher it is Disney Josh mentioned it at the top of the show as being one of the —


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