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A Rotation Within Tech

Bill Baruch joined the #CNBC Halftime Report to discuss trimming #Micron, a name that has risen to Blue Line Capital’s #2 portfolio holding, and using some of that cash to buy #DELL.


Bill Baruch joins us now I mentioned we had a trade in micron it’s, it’s from Bill. So you’ve trimmed micron and you bought Dell Can you tell us about that?

Yes, the German micron it’s this rally in the acceleration of the case it’s moved, it’s become a number two position. Now I’ve had a price target internally of $150. So for this move here ahead of earnings next week, I’m really sticking to my guns, trimming it a little bit, it’s been now more than five 5% position. I think that the second half of this year is gonna be terrific for micron and we’ll hear more from the CEO Murata who is a terrific communicator he gave us the trough in my memory demand over the last year. He told us the poor cyclical and fundamentals and 2022 He is a great communicator. So I’m looking forward to what he has but the main thing I really want to pay attention to next week is the high bandwidth memory which really improves the efficiency on lower power consumption and opening the door to generated by AI so I love this name don’t take my trim as something other than that
give me Dell quickly and I gotta go

Yeah,I mean, I think it’s a gift I mean, I think the worries here on on the revenues are the potential of what they’re going to make with with the AI servers in the PC consumption. I think this was a gift seen this this stock down here where it was, I think it seeing into 170s and the coming coming months is where I’d imagined his name to be back up there by

Thanks for the update. We’ll see on the desk. One day soon. I know that you could comment on micron Yeah, just the argument is gonna be under supplied so average selling


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