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Investing made Simple

The Financial Planning Process

1. Understanding the Client’s Personal and Financial Circumstances

2. Identifying and Selecting Goals

3. Analyzing the Client’s Current Course of Action and Potential Alternative(s) of Action

4. Developing the Financial Planning Recommendation(s)

5. Presenting the Financial Planning Recommendation(s)

6. Implementing the Financial Planning Recommendation(s)

7. Monitoring Progress and Updating

By: Guide to the Financial Planning Process | CFP Board 

The Fundamentals of Investing 

Planning begins and ends with what matters most to you in your life and ensuring a path forward to help you achieve what matters most to you. At Blue Line Capital, we take a deep dive into your personal balance sheet and assess, while assessing your financial goals and concerns.


Realize your aspirations through a personalized brokerage account, expertly overseen by Blue Line Capital.


 A joint account facilitates shared ownership, aligning multiple individuals towards common financial objectives.


Manage funds on behalf of a minor or as a legal custodian with all the benefits of an individual account. This account is often used to set aside funds for education.


Assets can be held in trust until needed for beneficiaries.


After someone passes away, a family member or beneficiary can use an estate account to manage the person’s assets.