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Mega Concern in Big Tech?

The largest stocks in the S&P, the mega caps, Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, Nvidia, and more are all getting hit. Is this a pull back or something more concerning? Bill Baruch on the CNBC Halftime Report.

Some Caution Ahead?

After a record run in the first half of the year, is the S&P and market due to cool off? This is how Bill Baruch and Blue Line Capital are managing it.

Apple Ahead of WWDC

Bill Baruch breaks down how he is investing and trading #AAPL ahead of #WWDC.

Apple’s Mountain of Money

Bill Baruch has been adding to Apple over the last month and it has come to fruition. How does he see this playing out?

What’s Driving this Tumultuous Week?

Bill Baruch joined the CNBC Halftime Report Friday, capping off the worst week of the year. Is the bottom in the S&P and tech near? Will the Fed cut? Where can Oil go?

What About the Mag 7?

What is the forecast for the market with leadership like Apple, Alphabet, Meta, NVDA, and more getting hit hard?