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What’s Next for Markets?

On the heels of last week’s Federal Reserve meeting Bill Baruch joined the Schwab Network to discuss what’s next for equities, the Dollar, Gold, Silver, Bitcoin, and more.

Blue Line Capitals Bill Baruch buys CRM, WDC, and more Semiconductors.

Seizing opportunities and navigating the market with Bill Baruch! Exploring the strategic moves in Salesforce, the AI revolution, and the resurgence of Nvidia, AMD, and Western Digital.  Transcript Transcript: “Bill Baruch of why did you start a new position in Salesforce? And I’m assuming you did it after the earnings release. Is that right? That […]

Why is Crude Oil Strengthening?

Bill Baruch joins Schwab Network to discuss this morning’s market expectations. [TRANSCRIPT] Welcome back to the second half of the future show. We’re less than 60 minutes away from the cash open for stocks on Wall Street. Futures still suggesting a bit of a rebound after yesterday’s selling. We’ve got while the indices green arrows […]

Trading Nat Gas As It Paces For 3rd Down Month

Nat Gas related stocks, and their correlation with the energy sector. [Auto-transcribed] This thing has been incredible. Just how low nat gas prices, natural gas prices have gone. Yeah. I mean, you would think with with what took place with Russia and Ukraine that we would have seen something sustained and it just hasn’t. We […]