Why is Crude Oil Strengthening?

Bill Baruch joins Schwab Network to discuss this morning’s market expectations. [TRANSCRIPT] Welcome back to the second half of the future show. We’re less than 60 minutes away from the cash open for stocks on Wall Street. Futures still suggesting a bit of a rebound after yesterday’s selling. We’ve got while the indices green arrows […]

Trading Nat Gas As It Paces For 3rd Down Month

Nat Gas related stocks, and their correlation with the energy sector. [Auto-transcribed] This thing has been incredible. Just how low nat gas prices, natural gas prices have gone. Yeah. I mean, you would think with with what took place with Russia and Ukraine that we would have seen something sustained and it just hasn’t. We […]

Bill’s Setup On Marathon Petroleum

The remarkable success of Marathon Petroleum in the energy sector and its impact on market trends, refining margins, and investment strategies