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Meta Meltdown: Analyzing AI Investment Trends with Bill Baruch

Bill Baruch, President and CIO of Blue Line Capital and part of the CNBC Investment Committee discusses the recent revenue guidance and increased AI investment of tech giants, emphasizing the necessity of ongoing spending in the AI arms race for companies like Meta amidst market concerns.

Adding Ahead of Earnings

Bill Baruch joined the CNBC Halftime Report to detail two names Blue Line Capital added to ahead of earnings and why.

What’s Driving this Tumultuous Week?

Bill Baruch joined the CNBC Halftime Report Friday, capping off the worst week of the year. Is the bottom in the S&P and tech near? Will the Fed cut? Where can Oil go?

What About the Mag 7?

What is the forecast for the market with leadership like Apple, Alphabet, Meta, NVDA, and more getting hit hard?

Can Meta Run Continue?

Bill rotated a bit within the Tech space, using cash from trimming NVDA, AMD, and AAPL to buy Meta, here is why.