Can Platinum and Palladium Outperform in 2024?

SPPP, the Platinum and Palladium ETF was down -24.98% in 2023. As the Chinese manufacturing sector has shown resilience, demand for these precious metals will be a catalyst for higher prices.

this was not play at the platinum and Palladium. And to your point, they were bludgeoned last year. This thing was down 25% last year. I’m looking at a resurgence in in China. I think that as well, if you look at the China exports of autos, they’re going to dethrone Japan.

That’s what the call is here. If China picks up, we’re going to see platinum and platinum. I mean, they’re using Cadillac converters. I think it just really crushed out. I do run a metals fund and and I trade the commodity in their platinum and palladium. You know, they’ve just started the year off very, very poorly. So you’re looking at it here as really, I think, a good entry.

Now, if you’re going to be into commodities, you have to understand the volatility of commodities. So even if it’s an ETF of commodities, so make sure you know what you’re doing. If you’re buying this, there’s going to be a lot of volatility behind it. But it is something that’s bludgeoned. And I think there’s a good reason for turn around.

I mean, even just like infrastructure in the U.S. to start the spending, that’s just going to keep going around. And I think China is going to be the cornerstone here. Okay. So DB and scoop from Bill and Liz Brooks, their ideas for 2024. Well, coming up, the committee’s got more portfolio—


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