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Semiconductor Stocks Continue to Outperform  

AMDs new chip architecture is expected to have a positive impact on the PC and gaming industry. Nvidia remains in the spotlight for the AI revolution.  [Auto Transcribed] You know, Bill, these are some of your largest positions and these are names we focused on a lot. But there’s so much happening in this space. […]

Apple Stock Upgraded To Buy At BofA

Apple has struggled relative to its tech peers in 2024, but BofA sees value in the tech giant. Services have begun to take a larger and larger share of revenues. Bill, I’ll start with you. What do you make of this move? Yeah, Apple. I mean, it’s been the unloved one to start the year […]

How Many Interest Rate Cuts Will Take Place In 2024? 

The odds of an interest rate cut in march are a coin toss, or 53% as reflected by the CME Fed Watch tool. Here’s what will determine the path of interest rates in 2024.  Yeah, it’s I mean, I think fourth quarter, if we go up there, the ten year is going to be a […]

Disney Stock Faces Pressure

Disney faces many challenges like slowing subscriber growth, and management struggles. Is now the time to buy?  Is there a point at which you would get back in when you think that they’re turning something around enough to juice up the stock? Right. Yeah. Last year, first quarter, I had that Nelson Peltz kind of. […]

Paypal Gets Downgraded, What’s Next for Payment Service Stocks?

Mizuho Securities downgraded paypal from “buy” to “neutral”, but the stock is higher. What lies ahead for payment service companies? Does that make you curious? absolutely. Absolutely. From a technical perspective, I mean, you guy has to pay attention to it. I mean, it’s not this stock is not on my radar. I really don’t […]

Can Platinum and Palladium Outperform in 2024?

SPPP, the Platinum and Palladium ETF was down -24.98% in 2023. As the Chinese manufacturing sector has shown resilience, demand for these precious metals will be a catalyst for higher prices. this was not play at the platinum and Palladium. And to your point, they were bludgeoned last year. This thing was down 25% last […]