Disney Stock Faces Pressure

Disney faces many challenges like slowing subscriber growth, and management struggles. Is now the time to buy? 

Is there a point at which you would get back in when you think that they’re turning something around enough to juice up the stock? Right. Yeah. Last year, first quarter, I had that Nelson Peltz kind of. Okay. He’s doing something activist here. Bob Iger is stepped in and you’re going to start to see this Everything the vision come to fruition.

I got a little excited about it. We were in it for that move out of out of the first quarter. But when that thing just sort of petered out and and it started making new lows. Okay, I will get myself all the credit. Maybe I sold it a little a little higher than where it is right now, but a little lower than where it is right now.

But, you know, I don’t see a reason to get into something really changes. I mean, I’m just very disappointed. I mean, they lost all the Indian subscribers and then it continued to get worse there. There’s no real direction. I mean, I haven’t really heard much from Bob Iger recently. It’s not even on my radar right now. So I just kind of stayed away.

Carey If they’re looking to do cost cuts


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