Paypal Gets Downgraded, What’s Next for Payment Service Stocks?

Mizuho Securities downgraded paypal from “buy” to “neutral”, but the stock is higher. What lies ahead for payment service companies?

Does that make you curious? absolutely. Absolutely. From a technical perspective, I mean, you guy has to pay attention to it. I mean, it’s not this stock is not on my radar. I really don’t think there’s a whole lot of upside here. But I would I would not be surprised to see it.

Maybe even 3 to 5% higher next week. But just just given what we saw from a technical basis, all the sellers who want to sell have sold the same way, like when the market goes off top. I mean, it’s everybody who’s bought is already bought. And so I think we’ve seen this reversal. But I mean, at the end of the day, I mean, I love the big tech because the big tech is going are going to keep eating people’s lunch and Apple Wallet is going to keep eating people’s lunch.

Liz. Yes, it could be worse. If you own a stock, it gets an upgrade. It goes up.


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