Semiconductor Stocks Continue to Outperform  

AMDs new chip architecture is expected to have a positive impact on the PC and gaming industry. Nvidia remains in the spotlight for the AI revolution. 

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You know, Bill, these are some of your largest positions and these are names we focused on a lot. But there’s so much happening in this space. There’s so much change and a lot of nuance. So how are you playing the space educate investors that might be new to understanding what’s happening in the chip space, maybe particularly with AI?

Yeah, I mean, I think they are largest positions. Everybody’s looking for rotation. We haven’t been ready for that yet. I think there’s going to be a real good stretch here. But what we’ve really seen is a is a GPUs. They’re bringing the GPUs to the consumer recently. That’s another narrative. We’re seeing gaming really start to take off. Another part to look at is the Hyperscalers, like Apple and Microsoft and Alphabet.

They’re actually monetizing A.I., which actually means that they’re going to demand more GPUs, more monetization, more more money coming to the AMD and NVIDIA. And then when that happens, the revenues they’re going to meet these expectations, maybe probably exceed these expectations, which brings their multiple down. So these stocks are not NVIDIA especially is not an expensive stock right now.

And I think we should point out Taiwan’s semi reported

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