Big Tech’s Valuation Situation As They Report Earnings

Bill delivers high praise for Amazon’s revenue growth.


your top holding, is Amazon, your number two is Apple, Your number three is Alphabet, Your number five is Microsoft. So you’re all over this this week. You better hope they go well. Yeah, I really do hope they go well. I think they can. And one we haven’t mentioned is Amazon and Amazon’s the highest multiple of the entire group. And I really think here, if they’ve been experiencing some really great tailwinds with margins in retail as well, the juggernaut of us, I mean if we continue to see revenue growth at that pace and better, I think what we’re seeing is, is the multiples will continue to come down as we look out. And those are obviously a continued tailwind for the market and that’s huge for these big names right now. Well, RWC has really wise, I think it’s it’s changed the game in terms of how you read where Amazon is trading.


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