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Trading Nat Gas As It Paces For 3rd Down Month

Nat Gas related stocks, and their correlation with the energy sector. [Auto-transcribed] This thing has been incredible. Just how low nat gas prices, natural gas prices have gone. Yeah. I mean, you would think with with what took place with Russia and Ukraine that we would have seen something sustained and it just hasn’t. We […]

Is The Market Ahead Of Itself?

Bill explains how a consolidation would be healthy for the stock market. [Auto-transcribed] What do we think? Yep. Well, I think. I think the market, to Joe’s point, a consolidation here would be really healthy. But we could still grind higher if a rotation happened. Some of the some of the steam that really drove […]

Bill’s Abbvie Play Before Friday’s Earnings

Will Abbvie Inc. continue to surprise with growth in revenue? [Auto-transcribed] So think about that as you own that stock. They’ve continued to surprise with it. With the drug coming in their new pipeline, Rinvoq is sky rosy and there still is a disconnect with the street with where they see the growth from these […]

Busiest Week of Q4 Earnings Season As Microsoft Leads

Microsoft is the leader, bringing AI to the marketplace first and they’re monetizing it. [auto-transcribed] Year to date performance on everything but Apple is I mean, you’ve gone off the charts. Microsoft’s up 8%. Amazon’s up four and a half percent. Alphabet up 9%. Met us 12 and a half in video. Doesn’t report this […]

Bill’s Setup On Marathon Petroleum

The remarkable success of Marathon Petroleum in the energy sector and its impact on market trends, refining margins, and investment strategies

See Why Bill Is Selling Shell

Bill’s energy play as Shell reconstructs. [auto-transcribed] Bill. So Shell is on Thursday. You sold Shell? I did. So, I mean, we are overweight energy. Marathon Petroleum, obviously our largest holding there, but we’re not. I am a little concerned with growth outside of the U.S. compared to marathon. Really, 100% of the revenues are […]

Looking Ahead To Uber Earnings

Bill gives his take on Uber’s upside potential [auto-transcribed] what kind of answers that they’ve come, Bill. You want it to be top ten position for you? They’ve accomplished a lot. I mean, look back into 2020, -$3.3 billion free cash flow now positive 2.2. What they’re doing here is in penetrating outside of their […]