Busiest Week of Q4 Earnings Season As Microsoft Leads

Microsoft is the leader, bringing AI to the marketplace first and they’re monetizing it.


Year to date performance on everything but Apple is I mean, you’ve gone off the charts. Microsoft’s up 8%. Amazon’s up four and a half percent. Alphabet up 9%. Met us 12 and a half in video. Doesn’t report this week, but it’s up 24%. So the gains have been substantial over the first three and a half weeks of this year. Yeah, I do think there is a big deal in the fact that we’ve seen a lot of the expectations being built into the price action to pad, and that was one of the reasons why I look at it with a little bit of caution, unless we’ve got in video named. But I’m looking at I think Microsoft, to your point, is the biggest one. They are the leader bringing AI to the marketplace first and they’re monetizing it. And by monetizing it, the revenues are flowing in video and AMD. So I think a lot is going to be tied on to that. Are they are they monetizing it properly then alphabet number two, then where’s the cloud direction? So there’s a lot out there right now. I mean, if they miss a little bit, like you mentioned, I don’t think it’s going to be market over. But if there is a if there’s a big whiff somewhere, there’s a lot of fear that it could show up somewhere else. WEISS Is is it all about Microsoft?


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