Bill’s Abbvie Play Before Friday’s Earnings

Will Abbvie Inc. continue to surprise with growth in revenue?


So think about that as you own that stock. They’ve continued to surprise with it. With the drug coming in their new pipeline, Rinvoq is sky rosy and there still is a disconnect with the street with where they see the growth from these two new drugs to where VCs and they picked growth into the 2030, where the street really is predicting to 2028. HUMIRA has continued to be a much better participant revenue than they thought. And then guess what? Hedge funds are short this name. It was one of the largest hedge fund shorts. So as this name is breaking out, it broke a downtrend line. There should be short covering that. I think that fuels this thing. The record highs, that’s a great answer. Thank you very much. Again. Thank you. Taking notes? Yeah, I do it. All right, good. Savannah now has the headlines for us. Hi, Silvana. Hey, Scott. Good afternoon to you.


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