Trading Nat Gas As It Paces For 3rd Down Month

Nat Gas related stocks, and their correlation with the energy sector.


This thing has been incredible. Just how low nat gas prices, natural gas prices have gone. Yeah. I mean, you would think with with what took place with Russia and Ukraine that we would have seen something sustained and it just hasn’t. We do actually have some natural gas exposure in Cheniere and it’s a one in New York top ten holding of ours. But they get paid on the volume. But the price of natural gas, I mean, it’s just falling apart. But we are getting into Widowmaker season, which is the March April spread it’s historically called. Is there a direct relationship? But we talk all the time. Direct relationship between the price of crude and then and then oil related stocks. Is it the same way for natural gas, for natural gas or shipping LNG? So Cheniere, they’re paid really in the volume of moving natural gas abroad. And so they’ve actually held out really, really well within range of their 52 week highs, despite what we’ve seen in natural gas. And and the price wise, we get one cold front market kind of spikes. It has a lot to do with exploration and positioning in the market and that can really drive things. And then once that cold front well goes in, the role happens to another the next month contract, then the prices have just just dissipated. Okay, quick break and final trades are on the other side of —


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